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Monday, 20 June 2016

Working with Data Object in BPM using KIE workbench

Create a flow using jBPM (contact for installation and setup)

Step 2:For this we need to create Data Object now and associate it with the Business Process. To do that click on below menu Item as specified.

Give a name to the Data Object as LoanCustomer as specified below.

Step:3 Add Data items to your Data Object as specified below. Add three items to it which includes name,creditScore and eligible.

Continue and add rest by clicking on create and continue as specified below.

After adding all three your data object must look like


Step:4 Save the Data Object Defined and you will find the item added in project Explorer as specified below.

Step:5 Next is to associate Data Object with Business Process. To do that click on any portion in Business Process and go to properties. Select variable Definition and add Variable.

Post Adding Specify the name and select the Type as show below.

Click Ok and save.

Step:6 In this Step we will define Data I/O for our Tasks .Select the Task and click on Data I/O as specified below.

Complete the Data I/O as specified below.

Step: 7 Repeat the Process for Other Task don’t forget to save. Finally we have all the Data I/O defined as specified below.

After completing all we need to save.

Step: 8 Click on the source to see the java pojo generated as specified below.

All done now next post covers how to invoke the process flow.